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The Biblical Significance of the Month of Cheshvan

Cheshvan, also called Mar Cheshvan, is the eighth month in the Hebrew calendar, or second month counting from Rosh HaShana. In the Bible, it is also called Bul. The word “mar” means “bitter” because it is the only month which does not have a holiday or any other special custom like a day of fasting. It is the anticlimax of the preceding month of Tishri. After all the holidays, it is back to normal life. This is the time to take all the inspiration and blessing we received during the feasts of Tishri and integrate it into our lives.


The Jews say it is a good opportunity to learn how to balance the spiritual and physical elements of our life in harmony. The month of Cheshvan, they say, exactly because it is so ordinary, represents the very purpose of life on earth. Like in a marriage, when the honeymoon is over, the time comes to build a genuine relationship with God in our daily lives. Trust and loyalty are demonstrated as we go about our daily routine. It is the same in our life with God: now comes the time to discover the joy flowing from a continuous relationship with Him.

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