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The Biblical Significance of the Month of Tishrei

With the month of Tishri, we are entering the month of festivals. It starts with a special Rosh Chodesh called Rosh HaShana, followed by the Ten days of awe, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Thora. Why is this month so packed with spiritually significant moadim, times of appointment?

Tishri is the month when the winter rainy season is about to begin, a period that determines the fate of the entire region for the rest of the year. If early rains fail to come, the nation faces drought. This is why the Bible commands a special month of appointed times before the onset of the new agricultural year.

In this month Israel starts to pray about the coming rainy season and, therefore, becomes acutely aware of their dependency on God.

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