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Prayer to the Lord

Join us in Prayer


Join us in prayer from wherever you are in the world

To have full access to the live Prayer Room:

  1. Create an account  

  2. Complete the sign-up process

  3. Click on LIVE in the menu bar to watch the live prayer streaming.

  4. To learn when each Nation joins view the Prayer Schedule (Israel time)

Prayer Points:

  • Global Awakening (awakening in your country, in your ministry, in your personal life)

  • An outporing of the Spirit of God in Israel 

The greatest prophecy yet to be fulfilled in the history of Israel's modern restoration is the outpouring of the Spirit foretold by many prophets in the Scriptures (Ezekiel 36, 37; Isaiah 43; Zechariah 12:14). Let us pray that God completes his work through the Holy Spirit in the Land of Israel at this time.

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